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Happy Baby

Caring for your
family and our planet

Our Story

BabyKuto started out as me looking for a solution for my 3 daughters' dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin when over-the-counter and GP-prescribed creams failed to work or were too chemically harsh for their young, delicate skin. So I decided to research derma issues and natural solutions, trialing many different formulations of 100% natural, organic and safe body butter.


BabyKuto was birthed when I found the perfect blend of natural oils and butter that moisturized my children’s skin and protected, restored, repaired, and healed it, whilst providing some much-needed itch-relief. I had made something that actually worked!

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I didn’t want to stop there. As a mum, I wanted to make sure that everything I was putting on my children’s skin was good for them. So I carried on looking into replacing all of their bath time and skin essentials with handmade products just as good and effective as the butter. 2 years later, Made For Me grew into BabyKuto with 3 new products, all eczema and sensitive skin friendly, organic and sustainably sourced.

BabyKuto is not just a brand, it's a labour of love from one mum to another. It really is made with so much love, kindness and nature's goodness


Just like your little one 

We're made with Love, Kindness & Nature's Goodness!

We believe in...


Keeping nature's goodness good by using environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients 


Good skin health for your little ones, using only thoughtfully chosen, non-harmful ingredients


Doing our part for the community. Supporting village life for shea farmers

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