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Father and Son

Love, kindness
and nature's goodness

What We Believe

We believe in keeping nature's goodness good. That's why at the heart of BabyKuto is sustainability.


Our hero ingredient in all our products is the almighty shea butter, which we source from a women's cooperative in Burkina Faso. The farming and harvesting of shea nuts is not just environmentally friendly, it produces a negative carbon footprint and has a positive contribution to climate change. 


We want to make sure that our business is not only kind to your family but also the environment, that's why all our products are packaged in mainly recycled plastic and cardboard and one is fully compostable.


BabyKuto works closely with the United Nations Sustainability Goals as our guide. Our goal is to always meet at least 5 of these goals at any one time, and we're proud to say we currently do. 



Just like your little one 

We're made with Love, Kindness & Nature's Goodness!

We believe in...


Keeping nature's goodness good by using environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients 


Good skin health for your little ones, using only thoughtfully chosen, non-harmful ingredients


Doing our part for the community. Supporting village life for shea farmers

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